investment opportunity

esplanade apartments
orlando, FL

Esplanade Apartments Opportunity - Gimme Shelter Equity

# of units


investment term

5-10 years

investment minimum


projected equity multiple


projected irr


key facts


• 30% rental upside


• 16 miles to disney world


• 3-5 year hold w/ refinance


• 506(c) accredited investors only


• 2008 vintage


• in-house property management


• currently at 63%-79%  market value



Esplanade Apartments Opportunity - Gimme Shelter Equity

The Esplanade Apartments demonstrate incredible potential and opportunity. The new ownership of the property is in the process of providing much-needed renovations and professional management structure to its 8 buildings, which will allow for a dramatic appreciation in value of the units, both immediately and long-term. By helping to transform a development that is operating at well-below market value, Gimme Shelter is in position to play a key role in the dramatic transformation of this community! 

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